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TREEBOOST Fertiliser

Single Application For
Double The Growth

  • TREEBOOST fertiliser has been scientifically tested in UK forests for both conifer and broadleaf planting
  • For application to the root zone at time of planting
  • One 10g application provides essential nutrients for up to two growing seasons
  • Supplied in 1kg bags for easy handling, and with 10g scoops for easy application
  • In trials, Sitka Spruce treated with TREEBOOST had double the height growth, and a 60% gain in girth during their first growing season, compared to untreated trees
Each granule has a tough, durable resin coating
Inside is a specific blend of micro nutrients
Moisture from the soil penetrates the resin coating
The nutrients dissolve into a solution in the granule
As soil temperatures rise (summer) nutrients are released
Once all nutrients have been released, the resin coating will decompose


Treeboost Fertiliser (1Kg Bags)

Size 1Kg bag
Min Order Qty 10
£/10 £3.88 each
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