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National Treasure

An insight into the UK's forestry and timber sector, featuring BSW Timber

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Confor - Our Forests, Our People...

For more information about the UK forestry sector please visit:

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Our Planet: How to restore our forests

After centuries of clearing forest, find out from Sir David Attenborough why we could soon have more forest than any of us have ever known.

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Confor - Integrated Forestry and Farming

Visual Impact Productions is a UK based award winning company offering exceptional films in South Wales and throughout the UK. Combining both 'Cinematic' and 'Documentary' styles to create a truly unique film, We can help from concept through to the finished film.

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State of our Forests

We need to plant more trees than ever. Instead, we are planting fewer. What's going on?

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Trees Are The Answer

Everybody loves trees, so why are they so controversial? Patrick Moore untangles the knotty issue of "deforestation" and shows how, from a purely environmental perspective, it is possible and desirable to grow more trees and use more wood products.

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A Day in the Woods; Reforestation Video

Join Mike Cloughesy and Nicole Strong as they explain why replanting is not only Oregon law, itís the basis of all managed forests. Getting a new forest up and running as quickly as possible is the most important aspect of long-term forest sustainability.

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